Trending Betting Features 2021


The sports betting industry has continued to grow in global market size and has recently hit the billion dollar mark. With more people joining online gambling, the number of betting sites is likely to increase as more countries continue to legalize gambling.

Currently, there are thousands of betting sites to choose from when you browse through the internet. All these sites have lucrative promotions and promise to give their clients the best betting experience.

More betting sites are to be expected in future as the industry continues to grow. For this reason, betting sites improving on their quality of service is inevitable. Several promotions and betting features that new on these sites have been discussed below.

Cash out Option

Cash out is a trending betting feature that is being offered by most betting site. With this feature players don’t have to wait till the end of the game. Instead, the betting site offers players a certain amount, lower than the expected amount for players to withdraw. There are two scenarios where cash out can be offered. When bookmakers offer this feature, they not only reduce their losses but also make profits.

Why Sites are offering Cash out feature

Cash out may seem like a very attractive feature that prevents you from losing too much money, but it works both ways. It offers both players and the bookmakers a chance to redeem themselves and that is one of the reasons it is a trending feature on many sites.

Here is how it works, If a player had placed a bet of say a $100 on PSG, a team with odds of 3.00, he/she stands to make a profit of $200 if the team wins. However, during gameplay if he/she is offered a cash out $190 and choses to take it, the company reduces its losses from $200 to only $110 when PSG wins.

Secondly, this feature makes betting even more entertaining no only because of minimized losses but because it promotes In-play betting. This attracts even more players to these sites hence bringing in more profits.

To Cash out or Not?

Having explained about this feature, whether to cash out or not still remains a tricky decision for most players. However, if you are a player who does not mind making small profit margins while avoiding last minute disappointment, cash out may come as great betting strategy. On the other hand if value betting is your suite, then cash out may not be your favourite feature after all. Either way when using this feature, it is important to have your data right to avoid missing out on great profits, simply because of a miscalculated move.

Sign Up Bonuses

It is no secret that betting sites uses bonuses to entice players into wagering real money on their sites. However, sign up bonuses have become a whole new deal as bookmakers, attempt to increase traffic from new players on their site.

What are sign up bonuses?

Sign up bonuses are bonus offers available to new players only. The offers are made available to players only once. Besides, enticing the players to play on their site, sign up bonuses have been designed in a way that promotes loyalty from the customers. The following types of sign up bonuses have been discussed below.

  • Refunded bet
  • Free bet
  • Deposit bonus

Refunded Bet

Well, there is no undoing of bet when it comes to betting but worry not! As a new player, some betting sites have a welcome bonus that offers to give you a refund once you have lost your first bet after registering. This is a great offer as it gives you a second chance at starting your gaming journey on the right footing. The maximum amount refundable varies on different sites.

Free Bet

For this type of welcome bonus the bookmakers offer new players a free bet amount for players to place on their first bet after signing up. Of course, this is after meeting the wagering requirements that have been set by the site. A more enticing offer is where, a refund can be given once the player losses their first free bet.

Deposit Bonus.

This is a bonus feature where a players’ first deposit after registration is doubled . So if a new player deposits say $100, then another extra $100 is added giving the player $200 to start their gaming experience.

Early Payout on Matches

This is a ‘not so common’ feature that has been adopted by a few bookies. What does early payout on matches offer to players? Well, the name gives it all away. Early payouts offers full winnings to players even before the game has been concluded.

Who is eligible for early Payout?

For bookmakers giving out this offer, early payouts will be made out to punters who have made a selection that has two goals ahead at any stage of the match.

When the game proceeds and the selection a player had made loses the bet eventually, this will not affect the player in any way. He/she already got paid anyway!

If for instance a punter places a bet on Liverpool to win and during the first half of the match Liverpool leads with 2-0 then their winnings will be paid up even before the game concludes.

When the game resumes and the other team turns out stronger and goes ahead to score up to 3 goals eventually making Liverpool to lose, that will not affect the players’ winnings at all.

While the competitions that have this offer may vary from site to site, the most common competitions are as follows:

  • English Premier League
  • English EFL Cup
  • Spanish Premier League
  • Italian Series A
  • German Bundesliga
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • French Ligue 1

Terms and conditions apply therefore, players should be keen in order to claim this offer.

System Bets.

System bets have become a popular betting strategy among punters in the last years. For this reason, betting sites continue to include this feature on their sites. So, what is a system bet? As opposed to multi bets, system bets offer players a chance to win even when they don’t have all predictions right. The risk that comes with losing will greatly be reduced making this type of bet lucrative.

How do system bets work?

Calculating winnings from a system bet is very easy once you have the odds and stake amounts. With this type of betting, there are a number of possibilities that can secure players a win. Players can choose from a list of endless possibilities such as 2 out of 3, 8 out of 10 or 4 out of 5.

2 out of 3 system bet example.

For this type of betting strategy the player earns profit when one of the three combinations returns as predicted.

To place such a bet, a player has to select three gaming events that he/she wants to bet on. An example is

  • Barcelona(odd 2.3) vs Madrid (odd 1.7) Madrid wins
  • Everton(odd 2.5) vs Arsenal(odd 2.1) Arsenal wins
  • Juventus(odd 2.1) vs Napoli(odd 2.4) Juventus wins

After placing the bet,the system selects a betting series that will be displayed on the bet slip giving out the winning possibilities.

  • Bet 1 :Madrid wins(1.7) and Arsenal wins (2.1)
  • Bet 2 : Juventus wins (2.1) and Arsenal wins (2.1)
  • Bet 3: Juventus wins (2.1) and Madrid wins (1.7)

Assuming that the teams play and both Madrid and Arsenal win, then the outcome will be displayed as follows:

  • Bet 1 :Madrid wins(1.7) and Arsenal wins (2.1) won
  • Bet 2 : Juventus wins (2.1) and Arsenal wins (2.1)lost
  • Bet 3: Juventus wins (2.1) and Madrid wins (1.7)lost

If a punter had placed a stake of $15 for each bet then the total investment would be $45. The winnings on the other hand, would be $15×1.7×2.1=53.55. This gives the players a $13.55 profit margin when you subtract amount won from the amount invested on the three bets. ($53.55-$45=$13.55)

As illustrated above, system bets come with a number of benefits for players who adopt the strategy. These include high chances of making a profit, endless possibilities and the choice to adopt different betting strategies. However, increased wagering amounts and reduced profit margins are some disadvantages to expect when using this feature.

Accumulator Bonuses.

Accumulator bonuses also known as ‘acca ‘are one of the betting offers currently running on most betting sites. So, what are accumulator bonuses? These are promotional packages in which the bookmakers offer extra winnings if a player places a winning multiple wager with a certain selection. These winnings will automatically be awarded to deserving players but on some sites the player has to opt in before. Depending on the betting site, extra winnings can be paid in cash or free bets, therefore players should confirm with the site first. Besides all this, it is important to note that the more selections are added to you bonus the higher the bonus but the lower the chances to win.

What Elements should be considered?

There are various terms and conditions that come with such an offer. More so, certain requirement are to be met in order to qualify for the accumulator bonus. Below is a list of elements to consider qualifying.

  • Number of selections

To qualify for this bonus, different sites require a player meets the minimum number of selections required. Remember the lower the minimum the higher the chances are to win.

  • Eligible Games

Not all the games available are eligible for the acca bonus. To become eligible for the bonus, players should always confirm if their games of choice are on the list.

  • Minimum Odds

Various site have different minimum odd requirements. Players should check to ensure their selections are within limits.

  • Minimum bet

Different sites have set a minimum amount that players can stake with in order to qualify for the accumulator bonus.

How to claim the accumulator bonus.

To get a taste of extra winnings through accumulator bonuses is very easy as long as punters’ met the required conditions. This starts with identifying an online betting site that is offering this promotion. Proceed to make a selection while putting into consideration the odd requirements, eligible games and the minimum selection. Place the stake and wait. If the selection wins then the extra winning will be automatically awarded . Depending on the site terms and conditions, players can get real money or free bets

Live Sports Betting.

Live sports betting sometimes known as in-game wagering is a feature that has been running on several bookmakers. For this type of gaming a punter makes his or her wager while the game is on action. This feature has become a favourite with most football fanatics as it allows them to place their bets while still watching the game. In this feature, the odds keep on changing as the game progresses. Because of this, players have to get their odds as soon as they spot them.

Advantages of Live Sports Betting.

  • Live sports betting provides players with a chance to analyse the twists and turns presented during gaming hence determining teams likely to come out strong before making their bets.
  • It provides players with an edge, since not many bookmakers are able to make changes as quickly as they happen during the event.
  • Players have numerous betting strategies that they can employ.

Disadvantages of Live Sports Betting.

  • Due to rapid change in the odd, some inexperienced players can not keep up
  • At times there are delays from betting sites in accepting odd changes from players.

Live sports betting tips.

  • Always start with the pre-game bet.

This is a great tip that keeps the player on toes in terms of understanding the games’ analytics. With such information. In-game wagering involves rescuing bets that are not going as expected.

  • Limit your bets

Live sports betting has the potential to get players carried away. However, while placing bets in real time players should limit the number of bet they are keeping up with.

  • Watch the game

This is an essential tip because players have to be alert on any changes happening on the game in order to make informed decisions.